StarPeace Project 
The International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) provides a chance for all the people of the world to look at the sky again free of all political, religious, national and racial tendencies and without any differences. The sky attracted human attention from a long time ago, but humankind who have not been captured any planet except for earth, demarcated it given his differences and made a border between himself and others. Today, the sky is as adored as it was thousands years before for the people. Not only the greatness of the universe is a block against its demarcation but also its wonder gives the humankind a chance to think about the origin and destiny of the cosmos. It joins all people’s small hands to know that all are equal.

StarPeace project is a Global Special project of IYA 2009 which intends to hold common and public star parties near the border lines in cooperation with astronomy groups from different countries with shared land border, in IYA 2009. Both groups in two neighbor countries hold common and public star parties in regions around their borders according to geographical conditions of the region. Although political border has separated people of both countries, applicants of the sky observation look at the sky simultaneously and the sky joins them. Furthermore, scientific speech, astronomical photos exhibition and etc may be established at the same time depending upon activity potential in same border point.

This project may be done in all countries with shared land border, but they are divided into two categories according to the public star party program. In the first category there are countries which have no free border, so public star party is held in a place near the shared border of the countries so that people of both countries are joined by the sky. The second category includes countries with free border; people of both countries are gathered together in zero-border point in a night to improve their connection in the sky as well as earth.

To cover all countries worldwide, StarPeace project recommends countries limited by their water border to choose a night by cooperation of astronomy groups of other country with the same situations to observe the sky, so that infinity of the sky and freedom of water join their countries. It should be noted that countries limited by their water borders should be geographically near each other so that they can observe the sky simultaneously for some hours.
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